New living in yurts and domes



A real revolution of building and homing

What is it?
Yurts are winter and weatherproof circular trellis walled framed mobile tents. Over centuries they have provided a storm- (up to 300 km/hr), weather- and earthquake proofed dwelling to Mongolian people.
Traditionally the yurt is build with a timber-frame and covered with felt. The roof is supported by a conical or domed frame. We have adapted it to our humid climate by using canvas and efficient insulation materials. These yurts are environmentally friendly low impact dwellings. We use coppicing of: e.g. hazel, ash, bamboo (douglas fire, macrocarpa… if available on-site) for the structure and wool-pad or other organic materials for insulation.

How is it used?

Not only as a permanent dwelling but also as a studio, meditation-, guest-, communal-, garden, holiday-, educational and healing space. It provides additional use as an emergency and research service.

Inexpensive: It will cost you around € 70 - 130 per sqm compared to 1000 US$ per sqm for conventional homes. Due to its mobility it is suitable to be erected on leased land.

Portable: A yurt with 6 m diameter can be easily carried in a car, trailer, train or truck. With a little practice it can be erected or taken down in less than one day.

Fast construction: Two people take approx. one month and need little specialized knowledge. Skills are best learned in a workshop situation to avoid unnecessary costs related to trial and error.

Long lasting: Skeleton and insulation last a lifetime. Skin will endure approx 20 to 30 years exposure

Weatherproof, warm in winter and easy to heat.

Environmentally friendly: No sealing of the soil surface! No damage to the land and resourceful use of natural materials.

Beauty: A dwelling of beauty and high efficiency, that harmonizes with the natural surroundings in shape a material use. That allows for unique creative expression! In total it is light, soft and imbued with feminine energy.

Building code: In many countries it can be erected without resource consent and/or building inspectors up to 30 sqm

Economic independence: Yurts allow for more self-reliant sustainable and time-rich lifestyle!

Spiritual and holistic well-being: life in yurt is close to nature, deeply nurturing healing and peaceful! Living in a circle strengthens our inner lives, helps us to be centred. Squared consciousness encourages far and scarcity - round homing natural love and peace! Working together is fun and creates a wonderful sense of belonging.

Individual and social freedom: Everybody can have their own affordable personal space in a yurt and still live in community.

Cultural innovation: A shared knowledge „open source-“ / „open craft“-philosophy leads to independence, mutual empowerment and dignified living.

How do you get a yurt?
Ready made commercial yurts are mostly sold without appropriate insulation for our cold winters. In our humid climate felted yurts tend to absorb moisture and begin to smell. Our Yurts are custom-made to your wishes in a living and learning environment, where you will participate actively.

Our philosophy
Yurts and other kinds of circular-organic homing support us to live in harmony with nature and spirit. Which is our real purpose of life!

for further questions:
Dr. Claudius Kern, Graz, Austria