Hands on organic YURT-Building Workshop

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Learn in six days to build a modern permanent/movable YURT*

  • for comfortably all-seasonal living in;
  • low cost and easy to constuct;
  • designet especially to suit wet and warm or cold climates;
  • lightweight/movable construction eg using bamboo, sticks or (normally) timber, affordable bio-insulation and canvas)
  • for permanent dwellings, organic materials such as polls, straw or preferably reed plates and clay may be used. Cost of this form of construction could be as low as Euro 30,-- per m2, but normaly the cost of the materials is approximatly 130 Euro per m2).

    In nine days we will go through the construction including all needed elements: the different kinds of floor, wall and roof, door, windows and skylight, yurt extensions like a vestibule, kitchen and bathroom. It is our intention to create dwellings using as many natural materials as possible and promoting a lifestyle independent from the "system".
    Particularly we work on the reed-yurt, which is the easiest way to learn.

    Completing Workshop

    a) further very interesting natural and round building forms (with numerous pictures) b) - the "Millenium-Spate-Toilet", a bright idea of simplicity, hygienics and efficience!
    c) organic water-rehashing and -recycling - in combination with the spate-toilet the perfect solution, which means evitation of waste-water problems...
    d) tips and tricks concerning the building-laws;
    e) ideas and facts about yurt-communities and the social aspect of "one yurt - one person";
    f) in question of heating we present - beside the fire-heating - a bio-reactor running without fire and chimeny but by microbes and we open the horizoon to Free Energy!
    g) the crown of all that we work on the subject how to transforme the yurt into a a magnet of felicity, radiating HEALTH, BLISS and LOVE!

  • * Yurts are genious round Mongolian tents, traditionally covered with felt and canvas, surviving even storms of up to 300km/h as well as extremely cold as hot climatic conditions. Claudius Kern is known for his successful low-tech and low-cost ways to build them with organic materials and vermin resistant. He gives workshops in yurt-building all around the world.

    Price for the main and completing workshop:
    Euro 495.00 including the main building course, the "completing workshop", a 50-page script, plans, a complex converter for all desired dimensions and many more (electronic) documents (hotel accommodation will be organised at extra fee or you bring your own tent and sleeping bag and stay for free or in rooms at a very small fee);
    Food: It will be cooked for all and we share our costs for cooking and organic (as much as possible), vegetarian meals.
    For further information and to enrol, contact:
    Dr. Claudius Kern, mobile phone: +49-157 377 59 638; email: sinnergon[Ät]gmx.net (subject-keyword "yurtworkshop")